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When you are buying components and putting together a turbo technique, the blow off valve is a fairly crucial portion of the system. Not only does it release all the excess strain constructed up in the intercooler piping right after the ingestion manifold closes, but a turbo BOV also creates a distinctive BOV sound, which can make your automobile sound like it's high quality tuned and exclusive. The HKS Super SQV (SSQV) turbo blow off valve is a BOV each and every turbo tuner must contemplate buying, as this distinct BOV has a lot of advantages to its distinctive building.

In audi turbo , HKS launched the 1st blow off valve, the SSQV BOV, containing the "pull" valve design, which was unlike the usual "press" valved blow off valves turbo tuners have always utilised. The "press" blow off valves have been the conventional type of turbo BOV employed and they let stress to construct up until finally the valve spring are not able to maintain any longer pressure, or the valve reaches its threshold, and then pushes the excessive pressure out of the valve.

HKS created a design with the "pull" valve system, located on the HKS SSQV BOV, which employs and alters the strain to pull open a dual valve method. The primary valve is the scaled-down valve, which opens up during smaller strain situations. When heavier strain conditions are encountered, the SSQV BOV will open up the larger, secondary valve, which permits all the surplus pressure out throughout heavier and quicker driving problems.

Having the pull valve program permits the HKS SSQV BOV to prevent leaking, even when the automobile is idling or beneath extreme conditions. This system also enables a cleaner, much more sound BOV seem, as it releases all the stress with a clean tuned seem, when the valve is pulled open up.

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